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Dear Participants

We want to reconnect with you following the stakeholder engagement meetings in Brussels in April 2014 run by the EHR4CR project, to let you know about the outcomes of the meetings and the next steps that we are planning.
In Brussels we had 3 groups meeting with the project during 3 days of meetings. Although you may only have participated in one or two of those groups we want to provide you with an overview of the outcomes of all three events.
Feedback form the days with Pharmaceutical companies on 8th April and with potential providers of EHR4CR services on 10th April provided very encouraging signs that the project is on the right track, is addressing your needs and expectations, and that our plans for externalization are the right ones. The attachment provides a more detailed overview of the evaluations but we would like to highlight some key points:

  • 80% rated the meetings as very good or excellent
  • 80% believe that the project is addressing important business needs
  • 80% of participants saw business opportunities for their company/institution
  • 100% want to attend future meetings

The meeting with hospitals on 9th April provided the opportunity for the project to gather more detailed information about the views, drivers and barriers seen from a hospital perspective regarding EHR enabled services. A summary of all of the results is attached but some key points include:

  • 100% are favourable or somewhat favourable to re-use EHR patient-level data for clinical research purposes
  • 73% describe their organization as early adopters of new technology
  • 97% have a high or medium level of interest in using EHR4CR services

As a result of the meetings, we already have several hospitals from Finland, Sweden, Italy and the UK beginning discussions with the project on getting more involved and in running pilot installations. Several service providers in both Europe and North America have identified opportunities to leverage their particular technologies and skills to provide EHR4CR services. A number of Pharmaceutical companies have indicated their commitment to purchasing services as soon as the platform is live in quarter 1, 2015.
Materials from the meetings are attached:

  • Slides used for 8th April with Pharma
  • Slides used for 9th April with Hospitals (these can be downloaded from the agenda)
  • Slides used for 10th April with potential Industry Service Providers
  • Evaluation Summary Stakeholder Engagement Brussels April 2014
  • Results of the Hospital Survey

Links to the videos that were shown:

We would like to thank you again for your participation in Brussels and we look forward to continuing our work together to make sure that this initiative achieves its goals for all stakeholders.

Kind regards,

Mats Sundgren, AstraZeneca, Coordinator
Andreas Schmidt, Hoffman-La Roche, Deputy Coordinator
Dipak Kalra, EuroRec, Managing Entity
Georges De Moor, EuroRec, Deputy Managing Entity